About This Nation

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We are not a peaceful organization, The only thing liberal about us are the policies we fight for. We do not look forward to reaching across the aisle because when we are done the right-side of the aisle will cease to exist. We are the Leftwing warriors....and we are the ones in power.

About, Bylaws, Other Information

We are a special group of Democrats who refuse to lay down while our freedoms are trampled by a continuisly decietful conservative regime. We represent the Majority of America that rejects the past and plans for the future

we do not condone

religious extremism
hate mongering
Smear campaigns

or anyone affiliated with a rightwing group on newsvine.

we disregard any other Rovian style tactics being thrown out by our evil counter-parts... yes we believe the radical right is evil in nature and the only good government is one completely purged off a powerless and disassembled republican base.

Long Live A Democratic Nation!!!